Core Top - White

      400 kr

      Core Top - Black

      400 kr

      Mercy Tights - Black

      600 kr

      Trinity Top - Black

      315 kr 350 kr

      Trinity Biker Shorts - Black

      200 kr 450 kr

      Trinity Tights - Brown

      300 kr 600 kr

      Core Singlet Top - Black

      400 kr

      Core Singlet Top - White

      400 kr

      Trinity Top - Turquoise

      150 kr 350 kr

      For the past couple of years, yoga clothes for women have been one of the hottest trends in the industry and it’s something that we have specialized in. On this page, we’ve listed all our yoga clothes from several collections to help you find the best yoga pants and yoga tops that suit your style.

      Our yoga clothes ensure the highest quality and they all share characteristics that make them suitable for yoga such as being skin tight, fast-drying, and created with stretch for optimal comfort.

      Relode's yoga clothes can be used for dynamic hot yoga classes and calmer yin-yoga clothes. They have also been designed to enhance your feminine shape without being ill-fitted and uncomfortable.