Resistance Band - 3-pack
Resistance Band - 3-pack

Resistance Band - 3-pack

500 kr

    With Resistance Band you can perform an entire workout without any other equipment. Perfect if you are traveling or do not have access to a gym. Resistance bands can also be used during strength training for added weight or resistance during exercises. 

    In our Resistance Band 3-pack, you get three different resistance bands, with three different resistors, Light, Medium and Heavy. The bands come in three different colors that make it easy to distinguish. With a 3-pack Resistance band, you are ready for a variety of exercises and a form of training. At the gym or on the go, the choice is yours!

    • Light Resistance Band
    • Medium Resistance Band
    • Heavy Resistance Band
    • Flexible bag to store the straps in
    • Silicone logo
    • Durable material