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      Trinity Biker Shorts - Turquoise

      319 kr 399 kr

      Trinity Biker Shorts - Black

      399 kr

      Trinity Biker Shorts - Brown

      319 kr 399 kr

      Trinity Tights - Turquoise

      599 kr


      Trinity is our first collection of workout clothes with a characteristic ribbed fabric. Similar to most of our collections for ladies, the Trinity Collection features a seamless design. We love seamless designs for many reasons, especially since it offers optimal comfort and a great fit while it’s also sustainable in terms of production and durability. So, if you love the seamless design and ribbed clothing as much as we do, we know that Trinity is the perfect collection for you.

      The Trinity collection boasts gym tights, shorts, and a top that can be used as a sports bra or as a top on its own. You can order the clothes in three different earth-inspired colors: brown, black, and a soft turquoise color.

      You’ll find the Relode logo printed small on the back of the clothes as well as on the elastic. And both the tights and shorts have a high waist that keeps them in place during intense workouts. The Trinity top features a unique and exciting neckline and a deep, backless cut that stands out at the gym.