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      Resistance Band - Heavy Resistance

      159 kr 199 kr

      Resistance Band - Medium Resistance

      159 kr 199 kr

      Resistance Band - Light Resistance

      159 kr 199 kr

      Resistance Band - 3-pack

      399 kr 499 kr

      Training Socks 5-pack - White

      229 kr

      Training Socks 3-pack - Black

      229 kr

      Gymbag - Black

      99 kr

      Lifting Straps - Black

      199 kr

      Gift card

      250 kr

      Gym Accessories

      We offer gym accessories within multiple categories at Relode. You can find gym accessories for men and women, where most accessories and equipment are unisex. Within our selection of accessories you can find perfect socks for the gym or your everyday style, shakers and bottles that do not leak, gym bags, lifting straps, wrist wraps, and more. Among our accessories, you can find equipment that helps you take your workout to the next level and also just details that complete your look and bring functionality.