Classic V2 Tights - Black

      600 kr

      Classic V2 Tights - Gray

      600 kr

      Classic V2 Tights - Brown

      600 kr

      Scrunch Tights - Black

      650 kr

      Scrunch Tights - Gray

      650 kr

      Slipstream Seamless Tights - Black

      600 kr

      Mercy Tights - Black

      600 kr

      Workout leggings

      A pair of nice and comfortable workout leggings are a must during your workout. It doesn’t matter if you work out at the gym, are a runner, take a walk, do yoga, or Crossfit. The leggings need to be in place, with the intention for you to innovate the process and get better. 

      Therefore, we aim high when we produce our workout leggings. Our vision is to give you the best workout leggings possible. All our leggings need to fulfill our requirements about functionality, color, and design. One of our most important requirements is high waisted workout leggings and high quality in order for them to be in place during your entire workout. 

      Seamless tights

      Most of our collections are seamless tights. This is due to the characteristics and capacity of the tights. Our seamless tights become a part of you and sometimes you won’t even feel that you are wearing anything underneath. They are fitting your legs perfectly and are always high waisted with a wide waistband that makes them comfortable around your waist during all movements. 

      Try out one of our seamless tights and for sure you’ll be sold. We produce them in many colors which give you the opportunity to choose your favorite one. Our black seamless tights are top selling but we want to encourage you to wear more colors during your workout. 

      Sweatpants women

      Last but not least among our bottoms we offer sweatpants for women. Our sweatpants are the perfect pants for your way to and from your workout, when you are home in your free time and when you want to wear something comfortable and stylish. If you want to you can do your workout in them as well.

      We love a perfect match so of course you will find matching hoodies, tops, and sports bras to all our sweatpants, workout leggings, and seamless tights. Our collections are always fulfilled with the intention that you can wear Relode from top to bottom when working out.