Slipstream Seamless Tights - Black

      600 kr

      Slipstream Seamless Tights - Cobalt Blue

      600 kr

      Slipstream Seamless Tights - Forest Green

      600 kr

      Slipstream Seamless Tights - Dusty Pink

      300 kr 600 kr

      Slipstream Cropped Hoodie - Black

      550 kr

      Slipstream Top - Black

      400 kr


      Slipstream is one of our best-selling collections ever and it’s the collection that we have designed the most products for. What characterizes Slipstream is the incomparable comfort and lightweight design that almost feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. Another thing that characterizes the Slipstream collection is the exciting colors ranging from discrete earthy tones to extremely colorful.

      Besides the comfortable tights, the Slipstream collection also features biker shorts, workout tops, and cropped hoodies, which are all available in our two best-selling colors: black and cobalt blue. Our Slipstream biker shorts are seamless with a high waist and a silicone band that keeps them in place regardless of activity. The tops are also seamless and can be used either as a sports bra without revealing too much or as a regular workout top, while the hoodie is soft and loose fitted with a cropped design that can be matched with a pair of tights or jeans.

      Many of our customers believe that Slipstream are the best workout clothes on the market – don’t you agree?