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      Trinity Biker Shorts - Black

      399 kr

      Trinity Biker Shorts - Turquoise

      319 kr 399 kr

      Trinity Biker Shorts - Brown

      319 kr 399 kr

      Gym Shorts Ladies

      Our beloved women’s gym shorts are produced with many requirements in mind. We believe there are too many gym shorts for women on the market that are not good enough, so we wanted to change that! At Relode, we offer seamless shorts with the perfect fit. Our seamless gym shorts have a medium length with a silicone band that holds the shorts in place. They are also high-waisted gym shorts with a soft, wide waist elastic that stay up during your entire activity or workout. 

      Among our gym shorts for women, you can choose between two main collections. We have the Slipstream seamless shorts that are high-waisted with a perfect fit, the Relode-logo on the front of the hip, and they come in two colors: cobalt blue and black. Wear them with our matching tops or combine them with your favorite sports bra and workout top. The other collection is our Trinity collection inspired by colors close to Earth: brown, turquoise, and of course, black. These seamless shorts are high-waisted, have the Relode-logo on the waist elastic in the back, and have a ribbed design. 

      The best thing about our women’s gym shorts is that they work perfectly as shorts under a dress during summer, with a nice t-shirt in your everyday life or with a blazer when you go to a party. Besides that, they are the best seamless gym shorts you can find with a high waist, great length, and perfect fit for your workout.